An Interview With A Catholic Rebel

The Catholic RebelOver the past week, I have had the great pleasure and privilege of interviewing a fellow Catholic teen who is active in Catholic media. TheCatholicRebel is another Catholic teen who feels she has a call to evangelize through media. She is a member of the awe-inspiring Catholic teen coalition ‘New Catholic Generation’ . I would like to thank TheCatholicRebel for being kind enough to sit down and answer my many questions; I would also like to thank RebornPure, the founder of NCG, for running the inspiration that is ‘New Catholic Generation’. Without further ado, I give you my interview with TheCatholicRebel.

Corey Louis -In modern times, the media seems to play a rather large role in the forming of public opinion. How do you think the media has warped society’s perception of teenagers? Does this perception cause positive, negative, or indifferent results?

TheCatholicRebel –To me, the media has definitely had a huge impact on how society as a whole views teenagers. I see it as a negative outcome. We are seen as party animals, these reckless and careless beings to the point where, sadly, our youth is filling that role. These behaviors are dismissed with “oh they are young”, as if this is and should be the norm. In reality a lot of us are crying out for something more, something to fill that emptiness, which only God could fill. A lot of us are wounded, and instead of finding something wholesome , something about searching for a higher purpose, we see these atrocities on tv being glorified. We are being told that standing for our beliefs and convictions are “hateful”, and that is leading to moral relativism. This brings to mind some words from Fulton J. Sheen: “If you don’t behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you behave.”

Corey Louis -Our world today is made up of a collective of different news outlets, magazines, TV shows and other media, what do you think the difference is between normal pop media versus Catholic media? Is there a difference in mentality and general purpose between the two?

TheCatholicRebel -Mainstream magazines, shows, and music seem to glorify the world/ the worldly, while the Catholic/Christian media and other outlets glorify the Lord. Mainstream outlets have the tendency to glorify the wounds and sins of others by airing these “reality shows” while the Catholic outlets tell you how to deal with these wounds and sins and who can save you from them (God). The mainstream media does not tell you about Hell or Purgatory. Most music today claims to be positive when all they are doing is desensitizing you to the immorality going on around you (being drunk, sexual immorality, impurity etc). As for the purpose, lately it seems as if the media has become very anti-Catholic, taking the name of the Lord in vain is funny, and according to the media all priests are criminals, “the people want change (about marriage, abortion, contraception) in the church”, is all I seem to hear now. So I would definitely say there is a difference of mentality.

Corey Louis -So, I know that you are a part of an online Catholic Teen coalition, known as “New Catholic Generation”. I was wondering if you could take a moment to explain to our audience what “New Catholic Generation” is?

TheCatholicRebel –As it says on the website (and way better put than I could ever put it), New Catholic Generation is an organization of every Catholic teen YouTube channel that exists. It brings them all together into one powerful and inspirational evangelization team under the title NCG. By teens, for teens.

Corey Louis -We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by messages and opinions from all sides of media, what advice do you have for discerning whether the media one experiences is of good nature (one could say of God) or whether it is not?

TheCatholicRebel –Always read about the mission of the organization or outlet. Is it orthodox? Is it saying anything against church teaching and just heretical? Or is it trying to bring others to the church/back to the church? Is it here to educate others about what is in the Catechism? If it is a near occasion of sin, it is not good.

Corey Louis -Why did you choose to join New Catholic Generation in the first place? Was there any defining moment where you knew you were called to be a part of the group?

TheCatholicRebel -I came across NCG when I was browsing on the forums at, I liked the page and checked out some videos and like everyone was inspired by SheIsCatholic and RebornPure, ha. I chose to join because there were other faithful Catholics like me AND  around my age, I just could not believe it. Also, I felt like I needed to do something for God and for the Church. The defining moment came when I recalled all that I have been through and how God had pulled me through…. that I needed to do something for him, to evangelize others who could be like me, looking for a video on YouTube to encourage and educate them. Protestant videos caused me a lot of harm and pain when I was battling through Scrupulosity and the fear of the “unforgivable sin”(which there is no sin God will not forgive as long as there is repentance…but i did not know that) (and this is in no way meant to condemn our protestant brothers and sisters), and I don’t want anyone going through what I went through. I want there to be good Catholic content as an alternative to the things I ran into.

Corey Louis -If any of our readers were interested in learning more about New Catholic Generation, or were interested in joining the group, where could they find more information?

TheCatholicRebel -You could always visit the website,, or look it up on Facebook, or you could just contact us on YouTube and throw us a message. 🙂

Corey Louis -What advice or tips would you give to our audience if they expressed interested in starting up a Catholic teen vlog or another type of Catholic teen media?

TheCatholicRebel –Like it says on the NCG website, if we can do it, so can you. I always wanted to start a channel, so I thank God I started one for the right reasons. The fact that YOU could inspire someone to live the faith, or help someone understand something about Catholicism is just AWESOME. I’d like to think also that one day God is going to ask us what we did to help others and his Church. Pray about it. Also, you’ll end up learning too when preparing something for an apologetics video. Take advantage of the things you have gone through and learned, someone might be stuck in a bump on the road that you have already overcame. Be prepared to answer some questions, and ignore some from uncharitable people.

Corey Louis -Last Question here. Recently, Fire of the Spirit has been deciding a new name and logo to call and symbolize our ourselves by. Could you briefly tell us why you choose to fight under the banner of Christ and His Catholic faith?

TheCatholicRebel -I chose to because I realized the Catholic Church is THE Church of Christ. It has the fullness of truth. It is loving. It is accepting. I know it’s not going to be the easy road, I know I was going to have to carry a cross, but in the end it will be worth it. A lot of people think that “religion says do, Jesus says done” and think they don’t need Religion… It’s pretty clear in the scriptures that Jesus left a Church, the Catholic Church…and it is also very clear that there is much to do, that we are to let God change us and mold us, that we were going to suffer at times, but that suffering could be offered up for redemption of our brothers and sisters and purgatory souls. How beautiful is that? We get to live like Christ did, with that sacrificial love, we get to share in his passion. We are to follow the commandments. There is much to do because Jesus told us to do these things. I need Christ’s Church to tell me where I am wrong where I think I am right. I may have left the Church when I was younger out of ignorance, but it never left me. God never left me. He looked out for me all those years, and here I am. I am back. I am still learning, but I will never forsake what I have found. I have found the truth of Jesus Christ and there is no other banner worth fighting for.

Please check out ‘TheCatholic Rebel’ on YouTube and help me thank her for the great courage she has in publishing her videos, and of course for agreeing to take part in this interview.

Corey Louis


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Fire of the Spirit is a Catholic teen group devoted to the evangelization and awakening of Catholic teenagers everywhere, both in the beliefs of the Church and the importance of the world we live in. Our mission is to join with other like minded teens from all over the world and set the world ablaze with the love of Christ through inspiring and truth-filled media. For as Pope Francis states quite well, “Jesus teaches us another way. Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit”. At it’s core, this group is meant to be a refuge where people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles can come together in Catholic fellowship with the common goal of helping us all to become closer and more united with Christ and our faith. That is to say that this group believes the best way to help ourselves and others grow in faith is to engage actively together with each other; moreover, it is for this reason that our publications are promised to be "for teens by teens" and shall remain so forever more. "Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire" - St. Catherine of Siena

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