Science and the Pro-life Movement


So I was in science class the other day, which I enjoy. I really like the teacher and the content, so it’s a pretty good class for me. But I learned something the other day that actually demonstrated an important part of our religion and you know, having a blog you kind of have to share it. 🙂

We were learning about cells and the cell theory and all that jazz. It took awhile to learn since there is a lot of content, but we all finally got it in the end.So after my science teacher went over the stuff with us, he said something along the lines of, “Now this stuff we are learning is pretty cool because it proves some of our religion.” And so we all kind of nodded and listened like good students should.

Then he said, “When does life begin?”

One student said, “Birth.”

Another said, “Baptism.”

I was kind of surprised at the answers, and so was my teacher apparently. The thing is, I know a lot about life since my whole family is pro-life and my parents so happen to be the pro-life coordinators at our church. So let’s just say I get dragged to a lot of pro-life rallies and hear about a lot of stuff that are relevant to life, which came in handy that day.

So I raised my hand and said, “Conception.”

I guess I got that right and my teacher nodded. “Life starts at conception. You know why?”

We all shook our heads. So my teacher drew 1/2 +1/2 =1 on the board and said, “One half cell from mom, one from dad. And 1/2 +1/2 equals?”

“One!” We all yelled. It made total sense! I kind of had a “duh me” moment there.

“So if the cell theory states all living things have at least one cell and one half of a cell plus another half of a cell equals one whole cell, is this “thing” alive?”


If you aren’t a fast learner in science (like me, don’t worry) all living things are made up of cells. Even if it has one cell, it is living. (like some bacteria, or in this case a new growing baby.)

The sad part however, is that if scientists found one cell of bacteria on Mars, they would consider it life. But one cell growing in the womb is not considered life. That’s the sad reality people, and it’s up to us to change it.

So spread the word, life starts at conception, even if it is just one cell!

Life starts at conception, and that’s a fact!

All through Christ,

Maddie Catherine

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