Remembering John Paul II

A Remembrance of the Great Saint


As many of you may have noticed recently we have been talking a lot about St. John Paul II. The reason for all this hype is because the world recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of this great Saint’s death and we here at Fire of the Spirit want to pay tribute as well. One thing that makes John Paul II stand out from the other great saints is that he was still alive in our lifetimes. Most of us, our families, and our friends, probably have some memory of the great Saint. He influenced so many lives in his day and age and he still does so now. We thought we would ask some of our writers to give a small paragraph on how St. John Paul II has influenced their lives.


  1. Abi


St. John Paul the Great has been a special saint to me. As a revolutionary myself I admire his own revolutionary spirit.  Pope John Paul was not a man to stand idly by and let things happen; He listened to God and DID. He re-awoke old teachings in the Catholic Church and rephrased them so that modern people could understand them.  He was a peaceful revolutionary, which is what I aspire to be.

St. John Paul the Great, pray for us.


  1. Sarah


I remember watching St. John Paul II on TV when I was younger. He died when I was only six years old, but he hasn’t failed to make an impact on my life. Not only does he remind me that there are saints in the world today, but also that we are all called to be saints. This recently canonized saint encourages me and other young people to become holier people so that we may lead others to Christ. Often when I’m struggling I’ll call to mind his story and feel strengthened and encouraged. Karol Wojtyla lost both his parents and brother before he turned 21. As a young person, he lived in the midst of the terrors of World War II. He refused to give up, however, and his perseverance and holiness are always an inspiration to me.

  1. Maddie

Although Pope Saint John Paul II died when I was at the mere age of 5, his legacy has impacted me more than I can attest to. Just looking at pictures of him, one can tell that he is a man that knows happiness, and knows God. He amazes me. He truly amazes me, because he was a man that went all out. He explained woman as in the eyes of God, he implied the importance of family life, he apologized for the Catholic churches mistakes against the beautiful Jewish religion and he spreads joy to everyone- no matter what religion they believe. I feel honored to at least spend 5 years of my life sharing Earth with this beautiful soul.


  1. Nick

I have seen a saint. That is something that not many people can usually say. Nevertheless, most of us today can. We have Pope John Paul II as a canonized saint. Unlike most saints, St. John Paul II was one that, quite literally, lived in our time period. We have a role model that lived in the modern world, fought the same things we fight, and had the same realities that we have. With this connection to our world and lifestyle, St. John Paul II is an especially attractive saint for me to call for help on. I feel like he is one who understands the problems that I face today. This is so because I have seen St. John Paul II.


  1. Gabriela

I was only seven when St. John Paul the Great died so I hardly remember him being alive. As a first grader I knew him mainly as an important person pictured on the wall especially in churches. I do, however, vividly remember seeing the big reaction Catholics had toward his death. After his death, I somehow knew (though I cannot explain how I knew) that this man was holy, and that I should be too. I believe this was the first time I saw an attraction and call to holiness. It is now ten years later and now that I am older I have had the chance to read the stories of St. John Paul II and learn so much from him about love, faith, suffering, and forgiveness. I have really come to appreciate what a great saint he was and  the example he set for all.


St. John Paul II has touched the lives of so many, we would love to hear any stories of your experiences concerning the great Saint. Let us know in the comments!


St. John Paul II, pray for us.

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