I’m the type of girl that roots for the underdog; I always like to support the person that is the least likely to win.  I don’t know if any of you remember but four years ago Spain beat Netherlands 1-0. This year Spain got defeated 5-0 by the same team.

And now, who knew that a little team from Central America could lose with more dignity than the reigning World Cup Champions? Guess what, they did. Costa Rica forced this huge team from the Netherlands into penalty shots. The tiny country with the tiny team that no one knew about is now t
he fifth best team in the world and played a much better game than Spain did, in all 3 games it played. You are probably wondering now why I am telling you all this. I want to prove a point: that you can do anything. I’m sure you’2648951202_6dae12b909ve heard this a lot, parents, teachers, and who knows who else, but what they probably never told you about are the rules.

Existence has a set of rules: you’re born, you live, and you die. Those are the basic rules EVERYONE has to follow. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, you name it; they all have to live by those three rules. Life has a whole other set of rules. It’s kind of like a game, you can choose to play clean or dirty. One way or another the dirty players get found out and those who play clean do well, maybe not in this life, but in the next one they will most definitely be caught. Then there are those who just play because they have to and those who do everything they can to make the experience the most enjoyable for them and those around them. We have no say in the cards that are dealt to us but we do have a say in how they are played.

Nowadays peopleworld-cup-trophy tend to forget that there are more than 3 rules in life. They think that anything goes. There are rules that have to be followed to bring about an ideal world. I’m not talking about the rules we have to follow as Catholics but the rules we have to follow as humans. From a scientific standpoint drugs will kill you. From a moral standpoint insulting someone is wrong. These rules we HAVE to follow aren’t part of a specific religion they are part of life.

I want to go back to what I said at the beginning. I root for the underdog. I rooted for Costa Rica. The thing is Costa Rica had to play by a set of rules.There are rules to the game and there are rules to life. If you play by the rules and shoot high, the fruits will be that much sweeter.

Rules. We all have to live by rules. Life is a big huge game and there are rules to it, rules that must be followed. Just like in soccer. Maybe it isn’t like what people believed a long time ago where illness meant punishment but there will be judgment when the end comes. Just make sure you followed the rules.


By Monica Marie

Written by MaddieCatherine

Maddie is a teenager with a knack for spamming people with random thoughts. She loves to be all sorts of different characters (both human and not human) on a stage, both in theatrical productions and dance recitals. In her spare time she likes to bake, read and (attempt to) write novels, drink smoothies, contemplate life for hours on end, play guitar and pretend she is the lead in some Hollywood blockbuster. Joshua 1:9

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