Participation in the Best Party Ever

What’s the best, most exciting party you have ever been to? Was it a birthday party full of cake, presents and friends? Or maybe a going away party with memories and happy tears? How about the first summer party of the year? (the pool is calling you…) Or a relaxing hangout with a few of your besties?

How about Mass?birthday parties

Yep, it actually is a party. If you compare a average “party” to Mass, you can see the similarities.

1. Cake: Calling the Eucharist a cake would be kind of a stretch, but it is still food that fulfills you.

2. Friends: You’re celebrating with your fellow Catholics, which should be your friends… 🙂 Also your celebrating with the universal Church, the angels in heaven and God!

3. Music: What’s a party without music? Even though pop and gospel have their differences, it’s still singing all the same.

So even our opinions of a birthday party and Mass are different, they are really both parties. But it’s kind of funny to see our energy when you compare it to a “party” and Mass.

I know, I know. Mass isn’t our first priority. But the reason  it’s there is so we can enjoy it and want to come back! But I think the reason it’s not the not topic of the day is because of our outlook on it.

Think about the last time you celebrated Mass. Were you participating? When I mean participating I don’t mean mumbling the prayers under your breath while thinking about your big project that’s due in a few days. I mean fully focused, speaking clearly and singing loudly, no matter what your voice is like.

Imagine if everyone participated. How would your outlook on Mass change? If we all were smiling and singing, I think Mass would be way more enjoyable and less awkward. Sing with confidence! Even if you don’t have the best voice ever, God doesn’t care. If you sing loud, so will others around you. I think the major reason that people aren’t singing is because they’re afraid they will be the only one. So stand up and give other people a push. You start the chain, and I promise, others will follow. It can be awkward, yes, I have been on the receiving end of it. But one of my favorite moments from Mass is when I started to hear this small voice singing, and I turn around and it is one of the shyest boys in my grade! It made me smile, that is for sure.
Like singing proudly, you need to answer the priest with confidence. You know the words, you’ve been speaking them for a while now. If you are doubting some responses, look it up or ask a priest. Again, people will follow your lead if you start it.

So be a leader to make Mass a louder, prouder party. God’s giving you all of the favors, you just have to use them!

By: Maddie Catherine


  1. Love your blog. You said, “But the reason it’s there is so we can enjoy it and want to come back!”. I was wondering if you could explain this thought some more. Thanks!


  2. Hey Nick!
    Thanks! As for your question, I will try to answer the best I can. If I could edit that sentence, I wouldn’t use the word enjoy, as much as the phrase “fulfillment.” When we participate in the Mass, we are fulfilled with something that nothing else on this Earth can fill, Jesus. Our hearts and our souls are being poured with the love and mercy of Christ. We should want to come back after that experience, no? God wants us to come back, He wants us to come back out of our free will, not because our parents are dragging us there.
    I hope I answered your question, and if you have any more please don’t hesitate to ask!
    All through Christ -Maddie

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