A Short Statement on the Traditional Family Unit

The Importance of the Family

[Okay, since this one will be first blog post on the blogroll of FotS, I decided to make this one short and straight to the point. –JNE]

As a religion, Catholicism believes that the traditional family unit, bounded through the Sacrament of Matrimony, is to be regarded as the “original cell of social life” (CCC 2207). This union that creates the couple, as it was rightfully intended to be between a man and a woman, has always been considered as the building block of any healthy, thriving nation. In other words, just as the state is considered the macrocosm of any society, the traditional family unit acts as the microcosm of this said society. For it is from this small, yet significant social, that the concept of Civilization continues to be ever so viable for future generations, let alone even able to function at the very least of its capacities.

In recent times, however, this important and fundamental part of human social interaction has not been given the credibility that it deserves. More so in this Age than in any other, it is not too uncommon for one to witness the breaking down of the family through a motley slew of social problems. Divorces are rampant, with the devastating effects that it has on the well-being of the family. Even the whole concept of childbearing and the purpose of children – a huge staple in any marriage – have been reduced to major inconvenience for some.

The sexual aspect of Man that has been widely regarded as being a sacred part of the married couple is now deviated from its original, true purpose; its actual intention has always been to allow the existence of a new generation of people to come into being. Worse yet, the harmonious relationship that once characterized the husband and the wife hardly exists in these times, as both sexes are divided in their roles on fulfilling the goals of each other, and their contribution to the needs of their society and its future.

Regardless of the age, the times, or the place, any Catholic must understand that the concepts of responsibility and character must be typical of any marriage bounded by the Sacrament of Matrimony. Furthermore, one should also bear in mind that both the husband and the wife are two halves of one whole. Neither of the two is superior or inferior in any way. To do so would be like trying to compare an apple to an orange. Both have their roles and their strong points, and the two relies on the other to make up for their short comings. Indeed, if there is ever to be any hope for the traditional family unit to be able reassert its importance to society again, there first needs to be a true harmonious relationship between the sexes, and the mutual agreement of both to achieve each other’s goals within society at large.

-J. Enriquez   

Works Cited

Catechism of the Catholic Church. Vatican City: Libreria Editrice  Vaticana, 1994. Print. 015.

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