Battle of the Five Armies Reflection: Two for the Price of One (Pt.1)

Take One: Tony’s Review

Hey guys! So before I kick this review off I’m going to explain how I’m doing this. I’m going to review the movie for two things: firstly general movie qualities, and secondly for how it relates to the book of the Hobbit, and how it portrayed some of the themes from the book. I would also advise that if you plan on watching this movie to read the book first, as you will then understand what Tolkien really wanted in this story. But without further ado I will get on with this review!

~Movie Qualities

The Positive: As with all the middle earth movies the set and scenery was just incredible. Some of the shots of the Dwarven stronghold are just really epic. All the armour and the weapons were really awesome, and just in general the set and makeup and everything like that was superb.

The music was also really great! Even though in the first two Hobbits it felt like the music was just rather lackluster and just variations of the LOTR music, I felt that Howard Shore really came into his element and had great music in this one. And the final credit song was just amazing! Billy Boyd, who stunned us all with his beautiful song in the Return of the King, returned to send even more shivers down our spines.

I felt that many of the actors had very good moments. Bilbo and Gandalf especially stole the show. I also think that Tauriel redeemed herself a little bit from the last movie.

Also, this was a fun movie. Even though I thought there was much wrong with it I enjoyed the movie while I was watching it. There was lots of action and it was fast paced and it just kinda felt fun.

The Negatives : Firstly, that this movie even exists. I felt that really the entire Hobbit trilogy could have been shortened to two movies. The first movie was too slow, and this movie was too fast. If they had eliminated various parts from all three movies and combined to make two I think the pacing just would have been better. This final one was just complete climax with no chance to stop and breath.

As much as I felt there were actors who shown in this movie, I felt there were also actors who were worse than previously. Specifically Thorin, Kili, and Legolas. Whether it was their script or just how they delivered them I felt that they were not really as good as they were previously or had the potential to be.

“Physics, Physics Physics Physics Physics, Physics Phyyyysics!”

There seemed to be a large disregard for Physics in this movie. Ok, the magic and the elves can be ignored, but basic other motions and actions just looked unrealistic. People hit each other lightly and we were supposed to believe it killed them. Falling towers conveniently defy gravity. Altogether I just felt it would have been better if they had tried to make it less fantastical.

Also for that matter, the way this movie was shot, in extreme Hd whatever, made it feel very fake. There were so many shots with the colours and the CGI that just felt very fake, even for a fantasy movie. I enjoy the feeling that this world could actually exist which is what I got from the Lord of the Rings movies. But in this one various things combined and I just couldn’t believe that this would exist.

And finally, goats. (You’ll understand)


So as with the other movies in this trilogy Peter Jackson strayed incredibly far from the original book. Many plot lines and characters added, and great scenes destroyed. Though some of the plot lines worked (Necromancer) and felt okay, There were some that were just done so bad it was a shame to Tolkien. Specifically the romance between Kili and Tauriel and then the addition of the character Alfred would alone be enough to make Tolkien cry. Their actions and lines are so modernized and not respectable Tolkien that it just feel wrong. As well, there are two deaths from the book who’s circumstances were changed. This is my opinion really sucked all the meaning from the deaths and I thought was a terrible move by the writers.

Now I did find that the movie got two or three things from the book and did them very well. Both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings have an object that represents sin, greed and temptation. In the Hobbit that is the Arkenstone. I felt that the focus on the theme of temptation and corruption was really something that carried over from the book to the movie. Though the actor for Thorin may have wrecked this slightly, I feel that altogether it performed well.

And then I think they carried well the feeling of home over. After recently reading Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows” again, I really have a much bigger appreciation for the aspect of “home”. To quote “But it was good to think he had this to come back to, this place which was all his own, these things which were so glad to see him again and could always be counted upon for the same simple welcome.” This was, in two scenes at the end, really expressed well. Almost strangely, (I won’t spoil it) but quite well.

~Final Verdict:

This was a fun movie. It was not Tolkien and it had many flaws, but if you ignore those and just want a non-stop action movie, this is for you. In my books I would probably give it a rating of 4/10 at the end of the day.

Thank you for sticking through this long review. I hope it was helpful and I’d love to hear what you thought of the movie, so let me know in the comments below!

Anthony G.


  1. This is the best review of the hobbit trilogy I have read yet!
    Kili is the one in the cheesy romance with Tauriel, not Fili, but that’s pretty much the only error in both grammar and the way you feel about the movie.


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