Recently it was announced that my parish Monsignor was to be transfered to the next city over. But before he left, he gave me a great gift, and showed me something I would not have seen on my own.

I am often asked to serve at funerals, which are always said by Monsignor. Sometimes after the funeral mass, Monsignor would pull me aside, open his wallet, and give me a little gift. I always tried to refuse it, but what Monsignior gives, he does not take back!

Later I realized that the real gift wasn’t the money he had pushed into my hand, but his example of generosity. My humble Monsignor is a man with little in this world, but anyone and everyone sees his great spiritual wealth. By giving me that worldly gift he was showing me a truth which would bring me closer and closer to greater spiritual wealth.

What are holy people in your life really trying to give you?

For Our Lady and my lady!

Blaise G.

Written by blaisefrancis

In his writing, Blaise spends his life fighting monsters, defeating dragons, and defending the good, the true, and the beautiful from the forces of darkness. In real life, Blaise strives to fight monsters, defeat dragons, and defend the good, the true, and the beautiful from the forces of darkness, but in a slightly less literal way. While he isn’t ‘fighting for his life’, Blaise is busy writing, reading, coding, playing piano, praying, acting, play fighting with his bro’s, serving at Mass, or just chilling with friends. At 16 years of age, Blaise is still alive and fighting, but not sure for how much longer….