The Next Big Thing

Where is our sense of wonder? Our culture is so focused on the next big thing that it doesn’t stop to focus on what it already has. This lack of wonder is what kills love. Jesus died when the people stopped wanting what He could give and started wanted something else.

Love cannot exist without an element of wonder, because if we don’t see anything to discover in a person, then we have robbed them of their dignity, complexity, and beauty as a human. Love is showing the other person their beauty. (Meaning, of course, the beauty of their being and not necessarily of their appearance.)

So if we don’t have that sense of wonder- if we don’t constantly marvel at the beautiful creation God has placed before us- we can’t love.

This applies to our own selves, too. How often do youhand of God stop and think about the fact that you, as you are right now, are the only ‘you’ that will ever exist? That all of your soul and being is contained in the body which contains the eyes that read these words? That you are a living, breathing human person who would cease to exist if God stopped loving you? Don’t be afraid to wonder at yourself. You can’t love anyone else unless you learn to love yourself first, and you can’t love yourself unless you marvel at your own dignity.

So slow down, stop, and look around. Be aware of yourself, because in all of eternity, this is the only time and place where you are. Know that God is looking upon you, marveling at His creation. Look around, and remember that you will only ever love as much as you dare to wonder.

In our society, slowing down is difficult. Sometimes nearly impossible. Even when we are not physically doing something, our minds tend to become occupied with a million and one thoughts that crowd out the only thought that matters: God is Love. He is Love even when we fail a math test. He is Love even when we stay up until 2 in the morning to finish an essay.God is love He is Love even when your best friend isn’t answering your texts. He is love even when you wake up grumpy and tired. He is Love even when you crash into bed at night without remembering to pray. He is Love always and forever.

Today, I challenge you to one simple task that will remind you to stop and marvel at God’s love. As you are crawling under the covers tonight (or crawling on top of them because it’s so hot, as is the case here), stop. Don’t do this as you’re un-making your bed or as you’re falling asleep. Take some time all by itself and think of one thing that happened that you recognize as the love of God. Maybe you woke up just in time to see a beautiful sunrise. Maybe your friend sent you a funny email just when you were wondering where the rest of civilization went. Or maybe it was just a feeling of joy that came to you when you were surrounded by a gray world.

Take the time to consider this one thing, and thank God for it. Marvel at it. Allow yourself to be surprised, because you’ve found something more important than society’s next big thing. Cherish it, treasure it, be thankful for it, and you have returned the love God has given you.


By Mary W.

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