Inside Out Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

I recently watched a truly fantastic movie, Disney Pixar’s new movie Inside Out. I have always loved animated movies; and Pixar ones especially. Movies like A Bugs Life, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo, have stayed with me for years. Inside Out is just as wonderful a movie as they were with a strangely mature depth to it as well.

The Movie:

Inside Out is the story of a 11-year-old girl named Riley. More specifically it is about Riley’s five personified emotions in her mind: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. Riley has just gone through a recent move from Minnesota down to San Francisco. The movie revolves around her growing up and the emotions that come along with change.


The Characters:

Well we have our five main characters that have somewhat obvious traits. Joy is obviously very joyful and tries to find good in everything, she gets frustrated when Riley can’t be happy but starts to learn things about the other emotions towards the end of the movie. Sadness is generally very melancholy and well, sad. Fear is logical but also very much a scaredy-cat. He is there mostly to keep Riley safe, watch out for danger and the like. Anger is probably the funniest of the emotions, and gets ticked off at basically anything. And Disgust is that emotion that apparently keeps Riley safe from stuff like broccoli and annoying people at school and the like.


The interplay of the emotions is really where this movie shows how amazing it is. There are moments throughout where you are watching and think, “I know exactly how that feels”. For example when she is walking through the schoolyard and Fear and Disgust take over as Riley is wondering if she will fit in and make friends. Or when she is upset and Anger comes in and she just lashes out. That was a feeling I can remember well. They really did an amazing job of making Riley realistic. She acts like anyone would and you can relate to every emotion she goes through.

The World:

The other fantastic thing about this was the world of Riley’s brain. They did a superb job of making a workable world of the brain adding little things that you could relate to and explaining them in fun ways. Little things like long-term memory, or having a song stuck in your head. These made the movie funny and again seem more realistic and relatable.


This movie was truly a Pixar classic. It is funny and enjoyable for children of young ages but also quite sad at times and with depth that will make anyone from ages 8 to 80 sit back and think. There was very little to not like about this movie. Some parts might seem a little childish and one scene seemed unnecessary but really they do all fit into the larger context of the movie. Honestly it was fantastic, hilarious, deep, and one of the best movies I have watched in a long time! 10 out of 10!

Tony G.

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