Coming Soon: Heroes of Catholic Education Series!

The Helden von Katholische Ausbildung (Heroes of Catholic Education) Series
by J. N. Enriquez, a Fire of the Spirit Member

Die wahrste Katholische Ausbildung von allem was flößt, ist die Idee.” — (The truest Catholic Education of all that inspires is the idea.)

There are millions of stories within the American Catholic School System, ever since the institution was founded by Spanish Franciscans in 1606 at the sandy beaches of what is now St. Augustine, Florida. But none is as awe inspiring as the story of its Renaissance, and the months and years that followed it…

In the wake of the Renaissance, much remains unexplained, and hostile forces seek to extinguish the light that emanates from the newly revitalized ‘Greater American Catholic School System’. Lying around every corner exist secret societies, subterranean cities, zealots, heretics, apostates, occultists, opportunists, clandestine operations, sophisticated technology, and a very dirty conspiracy. Hidden and previously unknown knowledge remains yet to see the light of day. Can the ‘Ryanites’ (the Catholic school students of America and also Canada) succeed in upholding defiance in the face of adversity as future members of the Church Militant, or will they all fail miserably in the process?


So far as of late, the series is as follows:

[To Be Released Between the 6th-10th of October] Fame and Honor (“Der Ruhm und Ehre Katholischer Ausbildung“): Guided by the fame and the honor of Catholic Education’s elite, embark on a grandiose undertaking to bring about the glorious rebirth of Catholic Education within the United States. Become part of the RGA (Ryanischen für ein Großkatholische Ausbildung or “Ryanites for a Greater Catholic Education” in German) and its quest to secure a future for Catholic children. Join up with the clandestine adventures of Anthony “Action Andy” Accardo and his crack RGA formation, the famed “Nightingales,” or pull up a seat, have a drink and partake in the socialite scene of the highest echelon of students within the new Catholic Education: the Catholic School Nobility.

[Coming Soon This November!] The Plaid Dream (“Der Plaidtraum“): Step into the shoes of the friends of the brilliant ideologue behind the Plaid Dream, and all their dealings within the so-called “Plaid Prohibition.” Envy, lust, opportunity, and greed rule the day, whereas the idealism and reverence of a select few seek devotion in the service of one’s neighbor. After the dirty family secrets of the Brotzman family become an undeniable fact among the Ryanites, many still try to uphold the idea of the Plaid Dream anyway, for it remains as the key to glorious tomorrows. Mystery, quirky teenage romance, secret dealings, and family laundry are just the tip of the iceberg for one truly peculiar novel.

[TBA in 2016] The Dawning Day (“Die Morgenröte des Tages“): A coven of young esoteric occultists find themselves embroiled in a war of conquest in the 2015-2016 school year. In the service of their dark masters, they eagerly lead the spiritual offensive against the ‘Children’s Paradise’ – the Greater American Catholic School System. Together with indirect help from massive hordes of Catholic-hating Gnostics and Protestant Zealots, heretics, apostates, misguided fellow Catholics, selfish opportunists, and others, they have the mighty RGA on the retreat. Ominously approaching the gates and walls of the Children’s Paradise, what stands in their way are the “Adelburgers” and their fellow “Foreign Volunteer Legions” (FVLs). Backed by the most advanced technology the RGA and its allies have to offer, well-versed in the latest unconventional techniques of Evangelization, and trained to the limits of human capability, they are the Children’s Paradise’s best hope. They may also be its last.

Mit herzlichen Grussen — With hearty greetings,

-J. N. Enriquez

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