“So a blonde walks into a bar…”

Haha, No. If you thought you’d get some blonde jokes here or something think again. This is about something that happened the other day when I was out driving with an unnamed acquaintance.

So me and this unnamed acquaintance were driving along when he points out a girl on the sidewalk.

Him: “Did you see that?”

Me: “What”

Him: “That blonde back there”

As seemingly harmless conversation most would think, right? But it really struck me and I couldn’t stop thinking about the rest of the day. The words that specifically bugged me were “That blonde.” I have heard many talks about how we guys need to respect girls etc. And throughout any of them one phrase you always hear is that we need to not objectify women. How more objectifying can you get then “That”?

I think this is the first time I’ve realized how much we objectify women in our society. It’s not just the hot girls in action movies or the dark areas of the internet that objectify women. We do it anytime we walk around and start thinking something like “Wow, that girl is beautiful!” It’s something our society has started to drill into our brains is to think first of how a girl looks and second on who she actually is.

So my challenge to you is try not to refer to women by their looks. Don’t just refer to her as “That blonde.” And if a friend of yours does, ask them not to, or somehow bring up the topic and slowly let’s try and change the way the world sees women!

~Tony G

Written by Anthony G.

A frostbitten Canadian who attempts to stay warm be moving his fingers incessantly; either upon the keys of a piano, the keys of a keyboard, or the pages of a book.

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