Deutschland und die Katholische Kirche: Die Heede Offenbarung

Teil Drei: Die Heede Offenbarung

“Men do not listen to My Voice, they harden their hearts, they resist My grace, they do not wish to have anything to do with My Mercy, My Love, My merits; mankind is worse than before the deluge. Mankind is suffocating in sin. Hatred and greed rule their hearts. This is the work of the Devil. They live in great darkness . . .”

About twenty years after the revelation at Fatima, a similar occurrence also took place, during the early years of the Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It was November of 1937, at a town called Heede within the Diocese of Osnabrück, a group of four girls had an encounter similar to that of the children at Fatima in 1917. Their names were Anna Schulte, Greta and Maria Gauseforth and Susanna Bruns. After attending Mass at their local parish, the girls saw a bright light floating about anywhere from between one hundred feet to a whole meter from the ground. In the eyes of the girls, this was an unusual occurrence, and so the girls decided to go back inside the parish. Apparently, it was by that point they encountered the Blessed Virgin with the Infant Child in her arms.

Indeed, following this chance encounter with the Blessed Virgin, the girls’ devotion toward the Catholic faith increased greatly. Gone were their inane curiosity toward what was deemed as vanity, and in its place was an increased sense of faithfulness characterized through fervent prayer. Their fellow townsfolk, however, did not take the girls’ claims seriously, for they were either amused or skeptical. And at first, their own parish priest was skeptical over their claims, but he eventually bought the claims soon after. Even then, the lack of support did not stop them, because they were seriously eager to experience the vision once more.

Thankfully for the girls, they later won the support of the local townspeople and clergy, and between the 7-8th of November 1937, thousands of people came to witness the apparitions alongside the girls and their parish priest.

Then in April of 1939, almost two years later, this happened:

Devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory was emphasized at Heede. The children first saw Our Lady in the cemetery while they were on their way to the church to gain the “Toties Quoties” indulgence for the Poor Souls. On April 5, 1939, one of the children asked Our Lady how she wished to be invoked. “As Queen of the Universe and Queen of the Poor Souls,” Our Lady replied. She also requested to be invoked by the Litany of Loreto.

When Our Lord — as a grown man — appeared to one of the seers, Greta Gansforth, He had a solemn and sad warning to give her. “Men did not listen to My Most Holy Mother when she appeared to them at Fatima and admonished them to do penance. Now I Myself am coming at the last hour to warn and admonish mankind! The times are very serious! Men should at last do penance, turn away from their sins and pray, pray much in order that the wrath of God may be mitigated! Particularly the Holy Rosary should be prayed very often! The Rosary is very powerful with God! Worldly pleasures and amusements should be restricted.

“Men do not listen to My Voice, they harden their hearts, they resist My grace, they do not wish to have anything to do with My Mercy, My Love, My merits; mankind is worse than before the deluge. Mankind is suffocating in sin. Hatred and greed rule their hearts. This is the work of the Devil. They live in great darkness . . .

“Through the wounds that bleed now, mercy will again gain victory over justice. My faithful souls should not be asleep now like the disciples on Mt. Olivet. They should pray without ceasing and gain all they can for themselves and for others.

“Tremendous things are in preparation; it will be terrible as never before since the foundation of the world. All those who in these grave times have suffered so much are martyrs and form the seed for the renovation of the Church. They are privileged to participate in My captivity, in My scourging, in My crown of thorns and My way of the Cross!

“The Blessed Virgin Mary and all the choirs of Angels will be active during these events. Hell believes that it is sure of the harvest, but I will snatch it away from them. Many curse Me now, but these sufferings will come over mankind that they may be saved . . .

“I will come with My peace. With a few faithful, I will build up My Kingdom. As a flash of lightning this Kingdom will come . . . much faster than mankind will realize. I will give them a special light. For some this light will be a blessing; for others darkness. The light will come like the Star that showed the way to the wise men. Mankind will experience My love and My power. I will show them My justice and My mercy. My dearly beloved children, the hour comes closer and closer. Pray without ceasing!”

Almost a month later, in May of 1939, from the 6th-12th, the Bless Virgin once again reappeared to the girls a total of thirteen times. Several months later, at the outbreak of the Second World War, the local Geheime Staatspolizei (“Secret State Police,” oftentimes known best as “Gestapo”) unit intervened in an attempt to put an end to the “superstitious nonsense” and had the girls instituted in a mental asylum for about a month.

[Speculation: Obviously, since this was done during the early phases of the war, it would seem that the Gestapo were more concerned about whether this was really an intelligence gathering ploy conducted by Allied intelligence groups, the likes of which may be conducted by either MI5 or MI6, under the cover of a Marian apparition. In their eyes, Allied intelligence might find it convenient to use this as a cover. Assuming that this was really done by a female Allied intelligence officer (which it was not), if this intelligence officer were to say “hi, I’m part of an intelligence agency from Britain,” the girls would probably be spooked. Thankfully, deception is not Our Lady’s tradecraft. –JE]

Despite the misunderstanding on the part of the Geheime Staatspolizei, it did not stop the girls continuing contact with the Blessed Virgin. More than a year later, in October of 1940, the girls were once again in contact. What made this encounter different from the previous ones was the Holy Mother giving the girls a letter. She instructed them to give the letter to the Pope of the time, Pius XII, by having it sent to His Holiness by their local diocesan bishop. And so they did, by November of that same year, it marked the last time the girls were ever contacted by the Blessed Virgin.

Later during the Second World War, in 1943, after having received the letter, the girls’ diocesan bishop wrote about their encounters with the Blessed Virgin to Pius XII. The reception was a favorable one, after His Excellency had send in two parish priests within His Excellency’s Diocese to verify these encounters. It meant that the authenticity of the encounters were verified as being factually true.

More could be said about Our Lady of Heede, but one thing does indeed remain certain. Although this Marian apparition may not be as well-known as Fatima or Lourdes, the fact that there conveys a similar message is telling.

-J. Enriquez

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DISLCLAIMER: Fire Of the Spirit and all connected with it, realize and accept that the final authority regarding the apparitions of Our Lady of Heede, rests with the Holy See in Rome. We at Fire Of the Spirit, voluntarily submit to that decision made by the Holy See.

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