Not too long ago we had to take the cows to the corral due to the fact that we had to sort a couple out. Now the way this farm is situated, the corral happened to be about one mile away. Nevertheless, although it was quite a ways to take the cows in one day, what had to be done had to be done. Therefore, we made the move more enticing for the cows by using some grain to encourage them to follow. With this sweet grain, the cows followed me the whole mile almost without a single one of them veering off the trail (those that did were quickly encouraged to return to the trail by my siblings who were following behind the herd). After the work was done at the corral, the herd that was staying was allowed to walk back down the road that they had just walked about an hour before. This time though, there was no grain to entice them with. I only had the verbal call that I use when it is time for them to move to a new pasture. Long story short, the cows walked that mile back, from the corral to the pasture that they started at, without veering from the trail.
So afterwards I was thinking about how wonderful it was that the cows had cooperated so well. They had done what I had asked and expected of them and all was well. After the ordeal, they were happily eating the grass that they loved so much. Their actions had reminded me of how people in the world do not act sometimes, myself included. God calls us down the path that we desires us to follow him on. Do we follow and not deviate from the path? Or do we get sidetracked with something and stop traveling down the road? Either way, God is there with us.
If we have strayed, all is not lost. Just as we did for the cows that left the road, by going to where the stragglers were, we encourage them return back to the path. Likewise, in the Bible, the parable of the shepherd who looks for his lost lamb and searches until he finds it. As with the shepherd with his lamb, the cows are “precious” to us.

Now we go out of our way to make sure we do not lose a single cow because we have paid money for her, as I am sure the shepherd did in the parable that Jesus told (Luke chapter 15). Therefore we go out of our way for the wellbeing of our animals. But it is only money that we have paid for these cattle. Nevertheless, we pay particular attention to each and every one of them and for their security. When one looks at a Crucifix, we see a debt being paid. The debt of sin that has been paid was no simple, quick, or easy price to pay. Not only was it paid with every drop of the precious blood of Jesus, but it also asked of the Father’s only Son. This is way more than offering some paper money for anything. This shows us that “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son”. This price that He has paid for us, because of His love for us, makes us more precious than many sparrows…err cows.
This leaves us with a choice: Are we like those who follow Him and stay on the path that He leads us down? Or will we be those who lose sight of our goal and get sidetracked with other things? Either way, God will be there with us. Nevertheless, this choice that needs to be made is one that we freely choose. No one goes to Hell blindfolded. So what path will you follow? This question begins today, not tomorrow or some other time in the future. You will have to answer that question every day, how you decided to answer it is up to you. “Every day is special, so make the most of it”- Athena Orchard.

By: Nick John

Written by Nick John

I live on a cattle ranch in south-central Missouri, where I manage up to about 180 stocker cattle. I am homeschooled along with my five siblings. When I don’t have anything to do, which is not much, I play with my siblings, target shoot, and read, serve, rave in my thoughts about how the world is, and fill up Corey’s email with ideas. I hope and pray that my work in Fire of the Spirit will bring just one soul a tiny bit closer to God. May God richly bless you in this life and the next. Ora Pro me.

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