5 Reasons why Easter Vigil should be on your Bucket List

If you haven’t had the chance to go to Easter Vigil Mass, it is definitely something you want to put on your bucket list. Yes it may be twice as longer as a normal Mass. But it goes by twice as fast, let me tell you. Yes, there is a lot of standing and sitting. But think of it as a pre-workout to your Easter feast the next day. Yes, it is late at night. But the crazy music and the ringing bells will keep you awake, I assure you.

I have been going to the Easter Vigil Mass for the past couple of years- ever since my youngest sibling was old enough to make it through the entire Mass. At first I thought it was super long, really boring, and very tiring. But now I couldn’t imagine my Easter without it.

You all probably want to get back to your Easter feasting and egg-hunting, so I’ll keep it short. Here are five reasons why Easter Vigil should be on your bucket list.

  1. You are trusted enough to hold a burning flame. A real, actually lit candle. It’s not electronic. At my church anyways, each parishioner is given a small candle. At the beginning of Mass, one candle is lit from the Easter Candle, and the flame is passed on. Before you know it, the entire church is lit up by only small, flickering flames. It is so beautiful to see everyone’s faces. Plus, it’s SO fun to blow them out.
  2. You get a lot of Salvation History in 20 minutes. Adam and Eve, Moses, Isaiah… all the big name prophets and covenant leaders. (well give or take anyways). It’s like a small Salvation History lesson! It’s beautiful to hear the stories you know so well as a quick refresher before the biggest story of them all. (which is Jesus’ resurrection.. by the way :D)
  3. NEW CATHOLICS! 🙂 Honestly, what is better than seeing your fellow humans enter the Church?! Not much! I LOVE watching their faces as they are baptized and confirmed. My favorite is when they receive their First Communion… oh I could cry tears of joy right along with them! New, or “baby” Catholics as I like to call them, are my fave.
  4. MUSIC Ohhhh my goodness the music! I don’t know about your church, but my church has one SWEET choir. They sing a lot of classical hymns complete with the organ, trumpet, flute and drums. It’s amazing how the choir swells! When the lights turn on, the bells start to ring, and the choir sings when we are ready for the Easter gospel, my heart soars. It is such a beautiful moment that you definitely don’t want to miss.
  5. You get to enjoy Easter before everyone else. Yeah, maybe that’s selfish. But who cares? Easter is the best part of the liturgical (or normal) year. I would want to enjoy it as early as I can.

What are your Easter Vigil traditions, if you go to Easter Vigil? If not, what’s one thing that is keeping you from it? Next year I better be hearing stories of one’s first time… because it is something that you don’t want to miss. 🙂

All through Christ,



  1. EASTER VIGIL IS THE BOMB. The candles/fire have always been one of my most favourite parts of the Easter Vigil EVER. The Easter Fire, the Paschal Candle, the congregation’s candles… Ahhh.
    At my parish, Easter Vigil lasts for about three to three and a half hours. Which apparently I thought necessary to state XD I got home at 3am, haha. (Mostly because I stayed for the reception afterwards) And it’s even more fun when you go to BOTH the Easter Vigil AND the Easter Sunday Mass.


  2. Salvation History in 20 mins….that is if you have the shortened version. The full shortened version is an hour 🙂


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