When I’m a Saint…

The ancient Romans had a lot of gods. I mean, a lot. There was a god or goddess for everything- including the different parts of a wheat stalk. While we now know that God alone supervises the minute details of our lives, we Catholics have a similar tradition, which is really the perfection of the purpose of the pagan gods. Instead of praying to a bunch of gods for everything we want/need, we ask the Saints to intercede for us by bringing our intention to the one God who can actually answer our prayers.

There’s a patron saint for just about everything. Saint Augustine (my personal favorite) is the patron of beer brewers. And although overindulgence in alcohol is sinful, the patron saint against hangovers is Saint Bibiana. Just in case.

Some time ago, I watched a video in which Mark Hart (Catholic speaker) decides that he would want to be the patron saint of turning off the lights, because his beloved children always fail to do so. So I thought- why not find out what some of the Fire of Spirit members would want to be the patron of? And while I’m at it, why not ask you as well? So I now invite you to find out what we would want to be the patron saint of… and then you’ll get the chance to share, too. So without further ado:

When I’m a Saint, I’ll be the patron of…

“books, because curiously there is not one already.” -St. Katy

“(gosh this is hard…) youth in discernment.” -St. Nick John

“writers (yeah, I know about St. Francis de Sales, but more than one patron saint of writers wouldn’t hurt, right?), nerds/geeks, science fanatics, multitasking, and another patron saint against procrastination.” -St. Christine Therese

“pet rats! <3” -St. Sabrina

“visual artists, because it is my passion and I love to use my work to help others and evangelize. [Youth struggling with chastity and self worth], because I have spoken to young teens about these issues and I feel like all they need to heart is that they are loved and worth waiting for. Sometimes a kind word is all they need, and I would love to help them all even if it is just by example.” -St. Sara Francis

“women in difficult situations.” -St. Laura

(I didn’t realize how hard it was to choose until I realized that I had to pick, too. Anyone agree with me?) “Catholic bloggers, re-conversions, apologetics debates, logic, and probably m&ms and wormholes. Because why not.” -St. Mary (the Awesome)

“I would be the patron saint of procrastinators or against procrastination”-St. Gabriela


So there you have it. I think we’ll make a pretty solid crew of Saints someday. Now it’s your turn- tell us in the comments what you would want to be the patron saint of, because as Mark Hart reminds us, the Catholic Church does not yet have a patron saint of the Xbox. So now you fill in the blank!

When I’m a Saint, I’ll be the patron of…

Written by Mary W

In 1999, God had a crazy idea that people question the sanity of to this day. Apparently, He thought it would be very amusing to mix an artist, a philosopher, a theologian, an engineer who hates math, and an author into the strange species known as “female.” The resulting creation was a human known as Mary, who drinks Earl Gray tea and posts on her blog when she should be doing her schoolwork. Her motto is “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” (look it up, it’s Latin) and her role model is Saint Augustine of Hippo (that is, after he converted).

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