Top 5 Christian Music Artists

I’ll be honest. I don’t listen to a lot of Contemporary Christian Music. Sometimes I find that Christian artists all sound the same and have sugary lyrics that make our Christian faith “pretty.” But recently I have come across some sweet Christian artists and songs, so I thought I’d give you a few that I think are pretty cool. This isn’t a real “Top 5”, because I haven’t listened to nearly enough to give my true “Top 5”, but it is some songs that I like and can recommend.

1. Jordan Feliz

A more recent appearance on the Christian music scene. I was introduced to him through his song The River on his debut album Beloved, a song which remains one of my favourites of his. I’m excited to discover that he just released his second album, entitled The River. He has a mix of upbeat fun songs with good beats combined with gentler reflective melodies that could easily be taken for contemporary folk/pop songs. He even does a cover of Ed Shereen’s Photograph.

2. Casting Crowns

I’m most familiar with their album The Altar and the Door. I find their lyrics to be insightful and very realistic. The title track speaks of those times when we come before Christ in church and resolve to fix all our mistakes, but lose that resolve before we even get to the door. I know that this is ridiculously easy to do: I determine to change my life and do everything right, and within twenty-four hours I lose any determination I had in prayer. The song East to West gives the image of Christ’s scarred hands on the cross encompassing the entirety of the world. Every Man portrays the many situations in which man can find himself, and how Christ is hope in each of those situations. The whole album is worth a listen.

3. The Afters

If you’re looking for a good pro-life theme song, look no further than Life is Beautiful by this group from Texas that originally went by the name of Blisse. This song, which is the title track of their 2013 album, is something of a feel-good happy song. But I like it because it mentions all those little things which make life so good, like laughing, crying, a father’s love, a lover’s kiss, and hard goodbyes. So true! Listen to the song for more. Also the rest of the album. The Afters most recent release is the single Live on Forever, which is a great song about the hope we have in Heaven.


One song in particular by this Australian-American brother duo is Priceless. The title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s actually not a faith song, insofar as the subject of the song is a woman and not God. But as a girl, I can say this song means a lot, and it certainly is from a Christian perspective. Check it out. Another good upbeat song from this group is Fix My Eyes, part of which reminds me a little of plain good sensible advice in the Book of Sirach.

5. Michelle Tumes

The first piece I’m going to mention is completely different from anything else I’ve mentioned. I like it because it’s based on a Byzantine Hymn: Chant, on the album Center of My Universe. Another couple notable songs from this Australian artist are Christe Eleison (also on Center of My Universe) and Domine, on her self-titled album Michelle Tumes. 


So there you are. Five Christian artists for you to check out. They’re all on Spotify, so if you have an account they’re really easy to find. And just a couple more songs for you to check out if you want: Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace, Hold Me also by Jamie Grace (feat. TobyMac), Lion by Rebecca St. James (from the Inspired by Narnia album), Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this! God bless.

By: EpochThoughts


    1. Haha, I feel like I could end up really insulting people with this….okay, this is probably largely personal, but I’m thinking artists like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, or Sanctus Real. I know, this seems a little ambiguous. It’s likely mostly my personal taste. I just can only take so much of the same style of song saying pretty much the same thing from one artist to the next (for example, Hillsong’s “Mighty to Save” could be compared to Chris Tomlin’s “Our God”.) Not that there is anything wrong with similar messages–obviously Christianity is full of messages that should be reiterated. But I would like to listen to songs that have a little more originality to them. So I look for artists or songs that have a different sound/style to them.


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