The Church as a Super-Organism…?

I started beekeeping about a year and a half ago, and throughout this endeavor I have seen how much we can really learn from these beautiful creatures.

The honey bee hive is referred to scientifically as a “super-organism” which means each of the bees has a specific task, and without one of the types of bee in the hive the rest would surely fail. Some bees have to gather nectar, some must tend to the queen, some must build honey comb for the queen’s eggs and some bees stay close to the entrance and guard it from intruders like wasps, mice, and bees from other colonies. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how does this relate to the church? Well, think of the church as a super-organism. The guard bees are like the theologians and writers who defend the church from Gnostics, atheists, and other people who are misinformed. The worker bee is all of the lay people who try to  go out everyday and spread the good news, thus gathering nectar (people) for God. And most finally the queen bee, is representative of the Pope who leads the church through the guidance that comes from God.

The bees are very beautiful and symbolic creatures, and there is so much we can learn from them and other things of nature. You may never know what you can discover about God unless you start by just paying attention to his great creation.


By: Ray H.


  1. Ray, there is no doubt in my mind that the Church Militant is a collective body of people, united under a common banner. For that reason, it would make sense to have oneself be convinced that Catholicism constitutes as a whole worldview and not just a religion.


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