I’ve Been TAGGED!

Hello everyone I am Gabriela Marie! I hope this allows you to get to know me better!

  • Who is your patron saint and why?

Only one?  I second Mary and Christine on this one. There are just so many, and they are all awesome! To keep this to a minimum, I will give you my three main patron saints, but know there are many many more.

St. Dymphna, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Maria Goretti,

St. Dymphna because she stalked me, and she is the patron saint against stress and anxiety (Stress seems follow me during the school year)

St. Catherine of Siena because when I was little I saw a one woman play about her and I absolutely love how courageous she was to tell the pope to go back to Rome during the Avignon papacy. (Look it up!)

St. Maria Goretti is my confirmation saint and she is one of my favorite purity champions

  • What is your favorite thing to eat on Fridays in Lent?

I actually do like fish, so I guess almost any kind fish (key word is almost), and breakfast food.

  • If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Ok God, soooo how long is this discernment process going to take? I don’t have to know the details, but a slight timeline would be nice. 🙂

  • Would you rather hang out with friends or stay inside reading a book on Friday night?

This is a little hard for me because I am usually doing neither. Usually on Fridays my friends and I are not available to hang out. However if we were available I suppose I would prefer to hang out with them. Then again, it would depend on how good the book was (Right now am reading about TOB)… but probably hang out with my friends.

  • What is the last movie you watched?

Captain America: Winter Soldier (yes, I know, I’m a little late to the party. Good movie though!)

  • What is a career choice that you are thinking of?

Well, I am going to college for Communication Arts Multimedia (and possibly Marketing too) and I want to use the mass media for Catholic ministry. We will see what God has in mind though.

  • If you could invite any two people (living or dead) to coffee, who would they be?

I have to agree with Mary W. I do not like coffee coffee either. So, to be clear, it would be chai tea.

Two people hmmm (Why only two? Can’t we just invite all of heaven while we’re at it) ….Well, for someone who is not alive it would have to be Venerable Fulton J. Sheen. I absolutely love listening to him and as Leah Darrow would say he is my “holy crush”. I would love to meet everyone of those saints I mentioned earlier, but besides them I think I would want to meet Jackie Francois Angel. She loves Fulton Sheen too and she just seems to be a fun person striving towards holiness.

Well, that’s the tag. If you would like any elaboration on my answers ask me in the comments! I would love to talk to you! If there are any questions you wish were on here feel free to ask those too! I hope you enjoyed this!

Now I shall tag…Sophia Elizabeth

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