Adoration: the foundation for the well-formed spiritual life

To start with though, for those who might not know, what is Adoration? Adoration is when Jesus is exposed through the most Holy Eucharist using a monstrance. So what you see the consecrated host in the (usually) golden stand on the alter. Although this Consecrated Host looks like bread, it IS Jesus Christ body, blood, soul, and divinity as the Catholic Church clearly states (see Catechism of the Catholic Church 1374). This is the same Jesus who walked around His homeland 2000 years ago healing the sick and explaining the Gospel.

My personal experience with Adoration’s awesomeness was at one time when I was at Adoration. I don’t remember what I was saying exactly in my prayers; all I remember is that I was trying to just give it all to Jesus Christ at that time. I had a feeling though during that time…..a great sense of love. It is kinda indescribable what the feeling is unless you have experienced it for yourself. I just knew that someone was watching out for me and really cared for me, much more than even my parents. I knew that He loved me more than I could ever imagine or return. That someone was Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist. Another feeling I had was a deep sense of peace. You have probably felt at one time in your life when everything inside is just unsettled and disturbed and you just don’t know what to do sometimes. But that was all gone. It just left. There was nothing left of that unsettledness. In its place was quiet. I mean quiet. It is like one of those times where you’re in an awkward situation but in a positive way. Or when everything is so distant that you’re not part of it anymore. That was kinda the experience I felt. That stillness that I had, when it was mixed with the love and peace I also felt, gave me an experience out-of-this-world and beyond, just indescribable.  That mixture then gave me consolation. That it was going to be ok, He was going to take care of everything, and all I had to do is let Him do the work through me.

The feelings I described were a grace that God decided to give me. I don’t get these experiences every time when I am at Adoration, it was just that one time that I felt his presence. That Presence you can just feel Jesus there with His love is something that is almost beyond comprehension. Now God does not bless everyone all the time with a feeling about Adoration, so you might not feel anything. They are graces that God gives and we should be thankful when we get them. What is important to know is that God DOES love you, as you are, in a special way.

Adoration is incredible because you can just feel the presence of God there. His consolation will come if you leave everything to Him and lay out everything in front of Him. In other ways but Adoration especially, you can get the feelings of love, peace, consolation.  All your problems that you are facing either in school, at home, with yourself, or anywhere or anyone, it all goes away with a sense of that there is nothing is going wrong. This only comes with giving it all to Him. Then you can return to life and face your problems with renewed vigor and with a better prospective, knowing that Jesus is right beside you helping you all the time.  This is so because you gave it all to Jesus and He NEVER lets ANYONE down.

Now sure Jesus is everywhere so you could do it anytime, but this is what makes Adoration so special. The fact that you see Jesus face to face and it makes it more personal; thus easier to have a personal conversation with God. It also makes it easier for you to lay everything on your mind to Him. It makes it more fulfilling to our human senses, in what you are trying to do, by being able to see Jesus. That is why Adoration is Awesome!


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