Important Notice from Blog Admin


First off, happy belated Thanksgiving to all of our American readers! We hope it was a blessed day!

So I’m going to cut straight to the chase. I’ve been meeting with the rest of the blog admin recently, and over the past two months or so we’ve come to a conclusion. We are going to take a break from blogging for a couple months so we can focus on growing our community and vision for our FOS blog! This is so we can produce better posts for you guys, because you deserve it. 🙂 We will continue to update you on how everything is going every couple weeks or so, but thank you guys for understanding why we need a break! We cannot wait to come back bigger and better than ever. Get excited!

Until we talk again, God bless!

All through Christ,

Maddie (and the Fire of the Spirit Blog Admin)

Written by

Maddie is a teenager with a knack for spamming people with random thoughts. She loves to be all sorts of different characters (both human and not human) on a stage, both in theatrical productions and dance recitals. In her spare time she likes to bake, read and (attempt to) write novels, drink smoothies, contemplate life for hours on end, play guitar and pretend she is the lead in some Hollywood blockbuster. Joshua 1:9

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