(Admin Note: Hey it’s Maddie! I apologize for the delay of this post, but I am really excited to share with you guys! 🙂 Also just a quick note that we will now be posting solely on every Saturday… just another reason to look forward to the weekend! God bless! )

A couple of weeks ago, my school offered the opportunity to eat lunch with women of faith. Women from many different areas of different faiths gathered in our lunchroom, including sisters, nuns, episcopal priestesses, and others. As my friends and I took our usual spot in the cafeteria, three sisters walked in and promptly sat at our table. My friends and I gave each other a look as we were hoping to have a normal lunch, but none of us protested the sisters’ arrival. They happened to be Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist, and the joy that emitted from their smiles was infectious. One of these women had been a part of the order for many years, while the other was only a candidate- she had only been at the convent for 3 weeks! They began to ask those at my table some questions about our school, sports, and other activities, but when we started to ask them about their daily lives that is when the conversation really lit up. The way these women talked about their faith was inspiring. When they told us about their daily life, you could see their eyes light up with passion. They spoke about serving others, their daily prayer life, and even the beautiful gardens surrounding their convent. The love they spoke with when they talked about serving the Lord was contagious.

One of the things the candidate talked about was having to give up her cell phone. God will provide, she told us, although she she did describe it as one of the hardest things she has ever done. She told how she still finds herself reaching for it, but her new life as a candidate means she always finds her pocket empty. I know, you’re probably thinking “What?! No cell phone? No social media? Crazy!” But when describing her new life, the candidate didn’t sound downcast- she sounded joyous, even ardent when speaking about her now cell phone-less life. Believe it or not, the joy she gave to all those listening made me put away my cell phone for a few hours, trying to get a sense of the screenless lifestyle she lived and focus on what was going on around me. But alas, I caved under the pressure, as I needed to text my mom and I ended up checking Instagram after I had sent the message.

As I exited the lunchroom, my heart was filled with passion and love from the conversation I just had. But more importantly, I felt as though I had rediscovered how to enjoy the little things in life. The sister’s descriptions of the seemingly menial tasks that they did with effervescence re-ignited a spark within me to take no moment for granted. I thought to myself- “How can I spread this feeling to others?” Because I am not the best conversationalist, unlike the sisters, I decided the best route was through service. Packaging up food to give to those less fortunate was my way of reminding myself once again to never take anything for granted, especially the food that I eat on my table every day. I even brought a friend with me to join in on the humbling tasks, hoping she would also share the joyous feeling she got from serving others. Who knew a lunch with a few sisters could start this chain reaction of spreading joy! Through service, I have found my voice, and I hope that others can continue to spread the joy they find in daily life though other activities like service work just as the sisters have taught me.


-Megan Therese


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Written by Megan Therese

Hi! My name is Megan Therese, and I am a Roman Catholic teen. When I am not dancing competitively, I love to hang out with my friends, complete crafty Pinterest-inspired projects, and bake cookies. I am involved with my school's Campus Ministry team, and besides finding God there I like to find Him in the quiet moments in life, especially within nature, volunteering, and on the stage where I dance!

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