A lot of you may watch a medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy. The protagonist, Meredith Grey always seems to be in a heap of trouble, whether it is being on the verge of dying (multiple times), heartbreak, losing a patient, or going against hospital protocol, Meredith comes out of all her struggles with great success and bravery because of the people she surrounds herself with. At the beginning of the show, Meredith and her co-worker, Christina Yang both dealt with emotional struggles, and increasingly trusted each other – instead of calling each other “best friends”, they were each other’s “person.”

“This is life. Bad things happen, it’s hard. You find your people, you find your person, and you lean on them.” – Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

So how do you find your person? How can you find someone who you can trust that deeply in your life? How do you trust again when that trust has been broken time and time again? Here are some ways to find your person:

  1. Love God
    • Trust in God alone. Let’s be real, nobody’s perfect, and our friends here on earth will fail us sometimes. The only person that we can truly and safely place our trust in is God.
  2. Love Yourself
    • Love yo’self. Treat yo’self. You need to love yourself to the point where people are amazed by how confident and courageous you are. Your self-worth matters. Stop hating yourself for what you aren’t and start loving yourself for what you are. Don’t care what others think about you because in the end we are judged on how we love and what we love, not by the people around us, but by God himself.
  3. Love Others
    • As Catholics, we are called to love and serve everyone we meet with a respectful and loving manner. As we meet people who disagree with our beliefs, we tend to shelter ourselves around those particular people so we don’t have to “deal” with them anymore. Before finding your person, love everyone who makes even slight eye contact with you. By loving every single person on this planet, you are deemed to find your soul-mate.

Who’s your person?

With the joy of love,

Vanessa Joy



Photo taken from: http://blog.peopleschoice.com/

Written by Vanessa Joy

One day, little Vanessa asked why her mom why all her sibling’s middle names are named after saints and except hers. Vanessa’s mom said, “Vanessa Joy, you are the joy of my life.” Since that cliche moment, she strives to be the joyous, best-version-of-herself to everyone she encounters. Her loud and extroverted spirit is hard to contain, especially in the presence of the Holy Spirit where the joy of love she has for God is portrayed by tripping over her own feet and sitting on the floor in the middle of the Adoration chapel.

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