He’s cool. He’s amazing. He’s a blessing. He’s God.

God is so radical. He takes the most opposite people and connects them somehow. He takes the awkwardest situations and makes them comfortable. He takes us and makes us Him. On March 25th at 2:55 I received a text from my brother, “can you find the spare key to the rav 4”, At this moment, I knew this was going to be a long day. A little backstory, since my brother and I started driving we’ve lost our dad’s keys about seven times, so this situation is routine (I’m investing in lanyards, everything is fine). Story is, my brother, Vince, lost the keys in a sketchy park downtown while disk-golfing with a friend. He called me for help since his phone is about to die and doesn’t want to tell our dad unless we have to get a new key. So being a good little sister I say goodbye to my friends who I was having great conversation over coffee with and start my thirty minute drive downtown, to a sketchy park, alone, with 33% phone battery, on the highway, traffic, did I mention it was downtown? So what does a scared Catholic do when they’ve lost something, pray through St. Anthony! So that’s exactly what I did. I said a little prayer since I almost swerved into another lane while making the sign of the cross asking to reveal the keys to my brother and I since my dad needed to go to work but had no car since we had the cars.

“That is radical and profound”

Rediscover Jesus 

Matthew Kelly

As my brother was calling the insurance company, I was looking around the park at each hole looking for the keys, I looked through each hole a number of times since I had a feeling that I kept missing it. After this feeling, I almost get hit by a disk, looking up I see two guys staring at me wondering whether or not to say sorry. I wasn’t going to talk to these two guys because stranger danger, but they looked non-threatening, so I asked them for a favor saying, if they see a pair of keys to call me. Although, halfway through explaining the situation, one of the two ran off into a bush where he threw his disk into and pulled out the car keys where Vince consequently threw his disk. The possibility of him hitting his disk into the same bush and chance of me talking to them is almost none. God is amazing and crazy in how He approaches us.

Lessons learned:

  • Never doubt and never challenge God’s wonderful forms in becoming in union with Him.
  • Pray to St. Anthony.
  • Pray through the saints.
  • Pray.
  • Trust in Him
  • Never Doubt

Friends I challenge you to look for God in the most radical situations. I bet you He’s with us always.

With the joy of love,

Vanessa Joy

Written by Vanessa Joy

One day, little Vanessa asked why her mom why all her sibling’s middle names are named after saints and except hers. Vanessa’s mom said, “Vanessa Joy, you are the joy of my life.” Since that cliche moment, she strives to be the joyous, best-version-of-herself to everyone she encounters. Her loud and extroverted spirit is hard to contain, especially in the presence of the Holy Spirit where the joy of love she has for God is portrayed by tripping over her own feet and sitting on the floor in the middle of the Adoration chapel.

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