Wow, a pretty intense title haha.
SO ANWAYS I was at dance with my favorite teacher in the whole world and she was messing around with me because I haven’t been to the last few classes because of the musical I was recently in. So I said to her “Ugh, I know you hate me.”
And then she was like “okay I’m going to preach here” and she metaphorically stepped up on the soap box and gave this amazing speech and I shall try to do it justice.
So as followers of Christ, our goal (in a nutshell) is to spread love, right? Just love love love, love until (and even when) it hurts, love your neighbor, love your enemy, just love. And hate is the complete opposite of love in every way, shape in form. So, as Christians, hate should be a word deleted from our vocabulary because it represents everything that we are not. Think of the word hate, what connotation does it have in your mind? It sounds evil, disgusting, full of darkness and just hatred (ooh good definition by me, I know). It should not be possible for us to despise something so much that we hate it with all of our being. Because we are called to be like Christ, and Christ is love itself.
I just thought that was really cool, and now it’s my goal to truly watch my words. It’s kind of crazy the things we say without fully meaning it. Think about things you just off-handedly say to other people. Things like “I hate school” or “I love you, friend” or “Oh I’m sorry that I-“… Something that my teacher taught me today was the art of being geniune. Do you truly hate  school, or do you strongly dislike? Do you truly love a friend you see maybe once a week, or just really enjoy their presence? Are you really, truly, geniunely sorry whenever you apologize?
I don’t know either… just food for thought. Being geniune is a trait I aspire to work on, so maybe we can work on it together.  🙂
Let me know what you guys think!
All through Christ,

Maddie Catherine

Written by MaddieCatherine

Maddie is a teenager with a knack for spamming people with random thoughts. She loves to be all sorts of different characters (both human and not human) on a stage, both in theatrical productions and dance recitals. In her spare time she likes to bake, read and (attempt to) write novels, drink smoothies, contemplate life for hours on end, play guitar and pretend she is the lead in some Hollywood blockbuster. Joshua 1:9

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