We don’t always get to love how we want.

Especially over the course of this summer, this is a hard truth I’ve had to realize and come to terms with, but it’s been a total perspective changer. To truly love, we are called to will the best for another, even when it might not be what we want; we have to come to them where they are and love them how they need it most.

Friends, this is not even CLOSE to an easy feat, but after reflecting on how difficult it’s been for me this summer to accept this truth about love, I decided to look to a reliable source to help me understand it a little bit more. And what source is more reliable than God, the manifestation of love, Himself?

SO – I started to think about the different ways God meets us where we are at to love us in His most perfect way, and after a summer of my thoughts bouncing around in my head like an electrically charged ping pong ball, it dawned on me. God, model of perfect selflessness, loves us in his trinitarian nature – as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

You might be thinking, “Well, duh! Took you that long to realize that?”, BUT HANG WITH ME.

Here are some of my observations on how God holds and loves us uniquely in each of His three persons.

  1. God, the Father

When God comes to us and loves us as Father, he holds us in a very special way, as earthly fathers have often adopted, as well. In our smallness, He picks us up off the ground, away from the dangers that will try to reach up and pull us down. He pulls us close to His chest, close enough to feel his heartbeat pounding in our ears. He brings His head down to press His lips against our foreheads, letting us feel His rhythmic exhales on the top of our heads. God the Father loves us with safety, with comfort, with protection. He brings us so close to Him that we might feel His love.

2. God, the Son

Jesus, our friend. He walks with us, His loving arm around us. He welcomes us with open arms when we feel like we can’t stand on our own. His soothing yet powerful voice speaks words of encouragement to endure in our ears as we remain in His loving embrace. Jesus will send us out, to be missionaries of His love, but He won’t make us do it alone. He walks beside us, counting each step we take and noting each move we make. He is our friend and our lover; Jesus loves us with encouragement, with reassurance, with companionship. He remains close to us so that we may have the strength and confidence to keep moving.

3. God, the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our guide. He walks not next to us, but in front us, yet holding our hand all the way. The Spirit pulls us in the direction of our happiness, but maintains patience in our resistance. He draws us into uncharted waters. He reroutes us when we take detours, always seeking to return us to the path of love. He does not know how to steer us wrong. The Holy Spirit loves us with guidance, with adventure, with instruction. He walks in front of us so that we might follow His footsteps to our eternal happiness.

God knows exactly how to love you best – will you let Him?

Always in love,

Elise Nicole



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