The gift of time

One. Two. Three. Four. You just spent four seconds reading that. Time moves pretty quickly, doesn’t it? And, there just never seems to be enough of it to get everything done. Maybe there is, but we’re forced to sacrifice other, less important things like sleep and watching TV to cover responsibilities. We make time for the things we value the most; it’s human nature. Notice how I said, make time, rather than find time.

But what about prayer? Prayer is our way to communicate and build our relationship with God and so just like anything, the amount of time it gets depends on its importance to us. And being a high school student, I totally see how we fall into putting praying on the backburner. Trying to fit school, sports, clubs, a social life, family, a job, and sleep into 24 hours is a little hectic. This is all magnified by the culture of media saturation and constant noise that we live in. And that’s what brings me to my point. I believe that as young adults and teenagers, the greatest gift we can give back to God is our time. There are two reasons for this. First, time is so precious to us, which is why it’s a sacrifice. Maya Angelou summed it up pretty well when she said,

Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence—neither speed up nor slow down, add nor diminish—it is an imponderably valuable gift.

If we’re taking time out of our busy schedule and giving it to the Lord, that means we want his love and want that relationship. The second reason is because once we’ve given Him the time, God will do something with it. We just need to show up with a sincere heart. That’s it! He speaks to us in the silence of our prayer, whether it’s through Scripture, the Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, or any of the wonderful methods to pray. Of course, there are other ways that we encounter Christ, i.e. Christian music, the love of others, etc. but there is no replacement for prayer and the Sacraments. They are the most direct links to Christ.

Another great thing about this is you don’t have to go at it alone! If you’re having trouble disciplining yourself, team up with a friend and check up on each other. Having an accountability partner for prayer will help you be more aware and conscious about the time you’re making for God. Now, I know this just sounds like a ton of advice and suggestions, but here’s why it’s important. The Lord created us to seek Him out, specifically a relationship with Him. He is our purpose in life and our way to Heaven. So when we’re praying, we’re literally fulfilling what He put us here for. We’re raising our spirit up to something heavenly, something that the world just can’t give us. When we experience this, we’ll find ourselves wanting to make time for prayer, and really looking forward to that silent period spent with the one who loves us most. It’s probably the best investment you’ll ever make, spending your time in prayer.

Lord, we thank you for the life you’ve given us and the opportunity we have to reach you in prayer. Help us to value our time and give some of it back to you each day so you can transform us in prayer. Amen.


By: Matthew Isidore

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