Vocation of Love

“Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation. It is not what we do but how much love we put into it.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

How many times do we stress about the future? Only every day, right? In this point in our lives, more than one thing preoccupies our minds. College, relationships, schoolwork, and the dreaded thought of…our vocation. To many people, that is the big question. Should I get married, go to the seminary, join the convent, become a consecrated single?? A million thoughts can race through our heads as we struggle to follow God’s will in our lives. This doesn’t just apply to the vocation itself either – we also often struggle with choosing a college major or a future occupation.

In doing this, we ignore our present state of life while focusing on how the future has to be perfect. We have to have it all figured out. Life will just be better when I know exactly what God wants me to do and I’m doing it everyday. But God doesn’t want to use us just when we’re ready and have a solid career. He wants our hearts now, and He wants them every second of our day.

We have a vocation to love. Whether you are called to be the next Fr. Mike Schmitz or the next stay-at-home Catholic mother of 8, right now we are called to love right where we are. We know the gifts and talents we each have that are God-given, and while we are channeling those into what to do in the future, we can’t forget to use them right now. Living in the present moment doesn’t mean the whole future goes away, but how can we grow in love each and everyday to fulfill our duty to live as Christ did, so that we may one day channel that love and virtue into what God has called us to do?

We don’t know how long we have on this Earth. Wherever God has you right now, is where you should be. You know those teachers that assign busy work, just so they don’t have to teach as much? Yeah, that’s not our Father. He is preparing in every second to fulfill our duties as His servant. He doesn’t just want you when you think you’re perfectly fulfilling His plans for you. There’s people that need our love and service each and every day. Friends, classmates, even just acquaintances.

If we are just looking forward and not side to side, we can’t see the opportunities God places in front of us each and every day to live out a vocation of love that serves Him. We have a vocation to love no matter where we are, or where we are going.

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

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