Dorothy Day Quotes

Recently, while in a religion class at my school, the instructor shared this quote by Dorothy Day:

“I really only love God as much as the person I love the least.”

For those not familiar with Dorothy Day, she is an American social activist who founded the Catholic Worker Movement, a converter to Catholicism, and an overall champion of the poor. She opened many food kitchens and spent her life working through love. She was even awarded “the ‘Laetare Medal’ from the University of Notre Dame for her exceptional service to the Roman Catholic society. ”

The message behind this quote was so powerful that I felt inclined to search for more inspiring quotes by Dorothy Day. Here is a compilation of them! Read and be inspired on your journey of faith today.

“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?”
“Don’t worry about being effective. Just concentrate on being faithful to the truth.”
“You will know your vocation by the joy that it brings you. You will know. You will know when it’s right.”
“We must talk about poverty, because people insulated by their own comfort lose sight of it.”
“We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love we must know each other. We know Him in the breaking of bread, and we know each other in the breaking of bread, and we are not alone anymore. Heaven is a banquet and life is a banquet, too, even with a crust, where there is companionship.”*
“The final word is love.”


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*Editor’s Note: As Catholics, we have to be very careful about what we say and how we say it. Although there is nothing wrong with this quote per se, it implies that love of neighbor precedes love of God which is not strictly speaking true. Love of God and love of neighbor happen simultaneously. We cannot love others if we do not love God, and we are not loving God when we are not loving others. We show our love for God by loving others and in loving others we come to God love more. One has to understand though, that true charity is loving your neighbor because you love God who is love itself; thus love of God must always in some way precede love of neighbor.In this quote, Day is describing the Catholic Worker’s movement and the community it provides. She explains that when we go through trials and our faith is “tried through fire” it is feelings of loneliness which often bring us further from Christ whereas the love found in community can give us faith and love of God. This community, as Day points out, is most perfectly found in the Mass as the Church on earth joins with the heavenly church to love and worship God.

One has to understand that neither Fire Of the Spirit nor the Catholic Church subscribes to all that Dorothy Day said and stood for i.e. her pro-communist opinions.

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