Five Fast Ways to Add God into your Life

Sometimes we have those days where we feel like the holiest person on Earth. We got our morning and evening routine down, we participate fully and Mass and we preach the Gospel like tomorrow is the Second Coming. And then the next day…. it’s back to square one.

Persisting is hard, but it has so many amazing benefits. Think of the Grand Canyon. It didn’t use to be huge, and it probably started with a small river. Over time, the river eroded the rock to form the beautiful, vast Grand Canyon we know today. Another thing you can compare it to something as simple as school. If you study and keep participating in your class, your grades will go up!

All big things start with little actions. So start your beyond-big relationship with God with small acts of love!

Sometimes it’s the small God Moments we add (and allow) in our lives that make our spiritual lives that much better. So here are five simple ways to add  God to your life.

1. Start the morning with prayer. Now you can take the word “prayer” any way you would like. For one person it might been an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. For another person it would be a quick “Please (insert petition here) and thank you (insert gratitude here). And then there’s people who spend 20 minutes reflecting over a Bible passage. Whatever you feel is most comfortable, do it. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, it just has to be meaningful.

2. Pray in public. When I say this, I don’t mean get down on your knees and start yelling to God in the middle of the mall. I mean at the beginning of your baseball tournament or before a big test, shoot a small prayer to God. A little goes a long way!

3. Don’t forget the Sign of the Cross. The Sign of the Cross really opens and starts any time your are hanging out with God. So make sure you begin and end with this amazing symbol to God. Anything you do will be in “the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,”. I know sometimes I feel embarrassed to do the Sign of the Cross when I’m not in Church or in my house. But if you think about it, doing the Sign of the Cross is evangelizing your faith! Who knows, people might be inspired by that one simple act.

4. Bible Verses on Your Window. After you finish reading this post, take a couple of minutes to write down your favorite Bible verses (and quotes) and write them on some sticky notes. Then stick them anywhere where you will seem them often- such as a mirror in your room or bathroom, or in your locker at school. That way you can always be reminded of God throughout your day.

5. God Moments- Right before you go to bed, try to think of a few times where God was present throughout your day. Just thinking about it can help you start a meaningful and friendly conversation with God. Flip it around, and try to be someone else’s God moment during the day! Even a small smile or compliment can totally change someone’s life around.

I hope you learned something! I know I did by just writing this post! 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

Post by: Maddie Catherine

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