When all is good, don’t forget God

Sometimes, life seems to be going well. Nothing too crazy is going on, you’ve gotten good grades and your relationships are at a high point. But how is our relationship with God when we experience these moments?

It is so tempting to only call on God when life gets tough and things don’t go as we plan. But we can’t forget Who we came from and why we’re here, which is to glorify the God who made this entire universe for us. We often forget that this is not our home. When life is difficult some of us look to the fact that this earth is not our home and we have the opportunity to have eternal happiness after we have completed our journey on earth. But when life is good and we are happy, we are content with this earth and its limits. That is a good thing at times; God wants us to be at peace with the world. But we can’t be at peace without Him, who is peace.

God is with us when we are down, but He is still with us when all seems good. He never leaves, and neither should we. During those good times in our lives we often forget that we still need God and we are still not in charge of our lives. We should thank God for the good times we experience and grow in our relationship with our Savior even more as we reflect on all the blessings He puts into our lives every single day.

There is never one moment that goes by that God is not with us. Let Him guide you when times are bad, but also when times are good. Those good times are when God is showing you little glimpses of the eternal happiness that are to come in heaven.

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