Personal Prayer of Surrender

Back in November, I went on a retreat offered through my high school. It was at a campsite outside of town, and my friends and I all went together. I was going through a hard time and the retreat helped me to relax and focus on God, outside of school and all the stress.

My favorite part was adoration, which was over two hours. Being surrounded by my friends and feeling the presence of God all around me helped me to surrender myself to Him Who saves.

This is a personal prayer I wrote during adoration on the retreat that I want to share with you. You can pray with it, meditate on it, relate to it, or just let God speak to you through it.


My life is a mess. My paths are not straight and most of the time I am lost. I do not see the light guiding me; often I cover my eyes and look away. I walk blindly, tripping along the way. I fall often and forget that You are there to pick me up. I try to pick myself up but I am not strong enough. In fact, I am pitifully weak. But I know that with You, I have endless worth. My God and my Savior, too many times I forget You. You are nothing but good to me. You grab my hand, brush off the dust, uncover my eyes, and carry me through this journey. I am not alone.

I do not have to be blinded; I can see the light, Your Spirit, guiding me, guarding me. I forget that I am Yours, that I have worth simply because You created me. Why You thought of me, I do not know, but because of You I am beautiful and I have worth. I fall because I am human. But most importantly, I am Yours.


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