A few months ago, I loaded onto a bus along with a couple hundred people from my diocese to trek to Washington DC for the March for Life. This was my second year going, and to me, it was better than the first.

Being surrounded by a few other hundred thousand people who are passionate about the pro-life movement is an experience I want everyone to have. Walking down the streets of DC takes patience when you’re marching with so many other people. It’s loud; it’s super easy to get separated from your friends, and your shoes get stepped on countless times.

But the March is a prayer. And even if you cannot make it to DC to actually walk, be there in spirit. Offer a Mass for the pro-life movement. Say Hail Marys throughout the day to ask for Mary’s intercession. I strongly believe that we are the pro-life generation that can put an end to this nightmare.

The day before the March, we had a few hours of freetime. My group wanted to go to the Holocaust Museum, which I have always wanted to go to. While I was mourning the horrific losses of the millions of people killed during the Holocaust, I couldn’t help but wonder, When will there be a museum to commemorate the countless innocent lives lost through the holocaust of our time?

According to http://www.numberofabortions.com, over 1.5 billion babies have been killed through abortion worldwide. Abortion is the holocaust of our generation and we are the ones who will bring an end to it, with prayers and Masses and rallies and petitions.

There was going to be bad weather the day we were supposed to leave. So the night before, when we were all gathered in the hotel conference room, we were told that we had to load the busses at 3:30 a.m. to get through the interstates before they closed. It was a sacrifice, but I told my friends in the hotel room to offer it up for the protection of the unborn and an end to abortion.

We traveled all day and were blessed enough to not be badly affected by the snow. We arrived back in town at 2:30 the next morning, and we had Mass to fulfill the Sunday obligation.

I was afraid of falling asleep, but a priest whom I have come to know through the past two Marches I have been on gave a homily that no one was ready for at three in the morning.

He said that one of the reasons abortion is so prevalent in our culture is because our sexuality is broken. The Catholic Church has such a beautiful teaching on sexuality and our culture is numb to how important and precious our sexuality is. He talked about how Jesus wants to be in that part of our lives, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable we are with that idea. God desires to be in every part of our lives, no matter what they are. We must be the culture to restore sexuality to its proper place.

We are the pro-life generation.

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Hey! My name is Abbie. I enjoy reading, writing and watching Netflix. I have a soft spot for Oreos and pizza.

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