God Loves You

From a very young age, we are told that God loves us, that we are His children. This fact is instilled in us at such a young age that we often are numbed to its meaning.

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to understand why God loves us and what that means. We don’t take time to reflect on God’s love and what it does for us.

God loves us because He created us; we are His children. His love for us is a fatherly love, one that surpasses all things. Marriages are reflections of the Trinity and the love that radiates from it: the spouses are the Father and the Son and the children are the Holy Spirit.

But even the powerful, sacrificial love that is found in a marriage between spouses isn’t even a fraction of the infinite love God has for each and every one of us.

We belong in heaven with our Father. He desires us. He has made us a place in His home, and He wants us to stay there with Him for eternity. He has given us everything we need for salvation. He sent us His only Son, who died and rose to unlock the heavenly gates for us.

Let God’s love overwhelm you. Let it direct how you live your life, and you will be joyful and filled with peace.

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