Lately I’ve been feeling like I am not special. I am not athletic or theatrically talented; some days I feel like I have no talents at all.

These thoughts all culminate into one question: if I am nothing out of the ordinary, does God even think I’m special?

Why would God want to love someone like me- seemingly talentless, short-tempered, and imperfectly flawed?

The hard truth is that God knows we are special. He could have created 7 billion other people besides us, but He loved us and His design for us so much that He chose to create you, to create me. God, the Ultimate Creator Himself, created you and me specifically and for a purpose.

He has a plan for each of us that only we can fulfill. He has had a way in which we will impact the world planned out since before we were conceived, and we must fulfill His desires for us.

I am special because God created me specifically, with detail and purpose. I may not have a superstar talent, but only I can fulfill the plans God has for me. And that is why you are special too.

God’s plan for each of us is unique and specific to who He designed us to be. Trust in God- He knows what He is doing.

You are special. You are loved. You have power in this world. Let God show you what He needs you to do in this world.


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