The Future

Anxiety. This one word is something I have become familiar with throughout my few years on this Earth. I am fortunate enough not to have it to an extreme case, but it is a burden to everyone who experiences it.

A lot of things make me worried and anxious. For one, school. Being involved in as many things as I am takes a toll on me and my time. I barely feel like I have enough time to sit down and eat a meal most nights, and yet there are people who are more involved than I am.

I like having extra time in my day just in case something comes up; I use that space to readjust everything in my schedule or to relax. Most often in my freetime, I scroll through Instagram or Snapchat my friends (I deleted Snapchat for six months recently; it was a really good thing and you’ll realize how much you don’t need it), which, to be honest, just adds on to my anxieties most times.

The campus ministry group I’m involved in had everyone share their personal testimony. Something one girl said struck me in particular.

She said that she was talking with someone about a talk that they had heard.

“If you’re too busy for God, you’re too busy.”

I know that this statement resonates a lot with  me, and I am sure you can relate to it too. Oftentimes I get caught up with getting all my stuff done that when I do have time to spare, I choose to relax. At the end of the day, I choose to think that God is okay with the fact that I didn’t give Him a lot of time because I was busy, but I know deep down that I need to set aside time for Him. I put so many things in my daily schedule, but out of spiritual laziness I often fail to put God directly in my schedule.

With all of this stress from my daily life, it becomes more and more daunting to think about my future. I literally have no idea what I want for me, let alone what God wants for me.

As high school will continue to go by quickly, I feel more and more rushed and pressured to know exactly what I want to do during college and even after college.

In the midst of all this anxiety and stress, there is one constant that stays through it all-God: He who never changes; He who was, He who is, and He who will be forever; the Alpha and the Omega; the First and the Last is with us all. Every step. Every decision. Every stress, worry, and anxiety. He is there, even when we are not.

He is in our pasts. He is here with us in the present. And He is already in our future.

God has a plan for me and for you. He has a plan to reveal His plans to us, too.

I’ve learned to trust Him timing; He knows what He’s doing. Every choice, every decision I make must be taken to prayer and directed by God. He will give us everything; all He asks for is for us to give Him some time, and to pray each day with Him.

His plan for my future-and yours- is real. I do not have to worry. It will be revealed. God deserves the time He will take. He needs to reveal it and show me and guide me.

Matthew 6:25-34

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