Faith in Summer

If you are anything like me, you start anticipating the glory days of summer as soon as school starts up again. Summer is an amazing time to relax and refresh ourselves after working hard at school and all the activities that accompany it. As we get older, it gets increasingly difficult to keep even our summers stress-free. We get caught up in doing every thing we want to do before the next year of school comes around and it is easy to be distracted from what is truly important year-round: our faith.

I’d like to be able to say that I cling to my faith during summer and I centralize it more than I ever have before. This idea should be a reality, especially because I don’t have the distractions of school and my schedule opens up more. But, sadly, I find myself getting caught up in the excitement and freedom of summer that I struggle to prioritize God.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to strengthen our faith so that when school comes again we have a solid foundation -maybe even a good routine- for our faith life. I have a desire to be close to God, as does every person on this earth. God gives us the summer to refresh and restore our energy. But He also gives us the summer to dedicate ourselves even more so to Himself.

It’s extremely easy to get busy with work, friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, family events, etc. At times it seems overwhelming to add daily prayer and sacrifice into our schedules, but summer is full of opportunities to strengthen our faith lives.  There are countless camps and groups to get involved with that are meant to bring us to Christ. Go to holy hours weekly and daily Mass when possible. God doesn’t take a break from us; He is constant and eternal.

When God gives us this summer break from school and its stress, don’t take a break from Him.

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